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Anyone driving down residential streets in Albuquerque cannot miss the FOR SALE signs popping up in every neighborhood. Not only are these signs becoming more common, but the blaring red SOLD signs are constantly being attached in order to really catch neighbors' attention. It seems as if there has been an exponential increase of these dangling, plastic signs, and it makes people question the possibility of selling their own home if so many other homes are moving on and off the Albuquerque real estate market so quickly.

“Why use a Realtor when I can sell the house on my own?” This is what people are asking as they watch the market pick up. Is it worth it to list your own home? Will it save you money? 

Top 5 Reasons to Use a REALTOR:

  1. Selling your home depends on skilled marketing and advertising. The internet is the number one place buyers are starting their home search. Many real estate agents have spent years of their careers building up their reputations within the community and on the internet in order to target these buyers with your home first. This exposure to thousands of buyers isn’t built over night, and cannot be attained by an owner in a matter of months. Agents have built up this online community and can market your home directly to the top buyers in the area.
  2. The legal process is challenging and treacherous. There is a lot of paperwork containing legal jargon that is hard for owners to understand and keep up with. The number of real estate lawsuits has been on the rise, and the majority of them are coming from buyers for FSBO (for sale by owner) homes. Litigation and legal battles can cost you, as an owner, much more than the commission fees of a REALTOR.
  3. Owners are often ill-equipped for determining a fair price. Real estate agents use the surrounding area to determine the value of a home in order to list it at a selling price. FSBO homes are known for being listed too low, or for accepting low offers, because of their lack of involvement in the real estate business. Using an educated REALTOR with access to a variety of resources will allow you to get the best price when selling your home.
  4. REALTORs can attract the best buyers. FSBO open houses may attract a lot of buyers after extensive marketing, but this gives the owner little knowledge of the financial background of the open house crowds that are attracted. Many FSBO property sellers are strung along by the interest of a buyer with bad credit history, and are unaware of this information until the buying process is already started. Real estate agents can bring in prequalified buyers to visit the property.
  5. Real estate agents have recent experience. The housing market is always changing, and owners have to put in a lot of time to keep up. A good REALTOR has sold several houses in the last month, and knows exactly where the market is sitting. Hire the expert who has been educated over several years, rather than trying to catch yourself up on a decade's worth of market research.

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